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          Schedule for Apr 03

          20:00 CBS MacGyver
          Father + Son + Father + Ma...
          20:00 FOX WWE Friday Night SmackDown
          #1076 - WWE Performance Ce...
          20:00 NBC The Blacklist
          Newton Purcell
          20:00 Disney Sydney to the Max
          Baby One More Rhyme
          20:00 CW Charmed
          The Enemy of My Frenemy
          20:24 Disney Coop & Cami Ask the World
          Would You Wrather Trash a...
          21:00 CBS Hawaii Five-0
          21:00 ABC Shark Tank
          Episode 18
          21:00 CW Dynasty
          Is the Next Surgery on the...
          22:00 WWE Network 205 Live
          205 Live 173
          22:00 Cinemax Strike Back
          Vendetta: Episode 8
          22:00 HBO Real Time with Bill Maher
          Episode 524
          22:00 CBS Blue Bloods
          The Puzzle Palace
          22:00 Syfy Vagrant Queen
          Yippee Ki Yay
          23:00 HBO High Maintenance
          23:35 NBC The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
          At Home Edition: Miley Cyr...
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